Sunday, October 26, 2008

Touching Base

As for all of you, times here in the land of Saving You The Green have been rough. But, we thank God every day for each and every job He sends our way. No job is too small as every penny counts. We pray every day and look forward to those calls and requests for estimates. We love what we do!
We are wrapping up a small job this week, anticipating some leaf removals and have 3 estimates to get out, one includes a total installation! Wooohooo!! Looking forward to designing that and praying we are blessed with an exceptance!
Winter is fast approaching. We are expecting snow tonight, I can't believe it and the cold is in the air! Hope to get all the loose ends on jobs tied up this week!
Well, it's getting late and 5am comes early. God keep you and bless you!