Saturday, July 19, 2008

New T's!

Well, our new T-Shirts arrived this weekend, along with some other advertising materials. Wooohooo!! It was like Christmas in July! We ordered from and got some great deals and freebies!!
The T-Shirts arrived just in time for the scortching hot, humid weather AND for the guys to cut the sleeves off! Brand new T-shirts whacked! LOL Maybe I should get muscle shirts next time is what I am thinking. As you can see from the pic, he was none too happy about me taking it. LOL


We have been busy with passing out fliers, and doing 3 estimates. One of those seems like it might be a go and we are so excited as that job would contain a little of everything and be great for the portfolio. We are just waiting to hear back from the customer.
Well, I have office work to catch up on while the guys are out doing maintenances so, will meet you again here next time...till then, God Bless and Keep you!

Annette out

Monday, July 7, 2008

A great beginner rose

Apricot Nectar
Introduced: 1966, Boerner, USA
Class: Floribunda
Zones: 4-9 (not partial to cool overcast climates)
Parentage: Seedling x 'Spartan'
Flowers: Apricot, double, 35-40 petals
Size: 4 feet x 4 feet
Fragrance: Good
Strengths: Unusual, soft apricot blooms.
Disease resistant glossy foliage.

Description: 'Apricot Nectar' bears flowers of gentle beauty. With her color somewhat of a challenge to describe, a soft 'apricot/gold' is perhaps a worthy effort. While the flowers may seem lost during the hard light of mid-day, they are truly breath-taking in the soft light of early morning or at dusk.
While her flowers' color allow her to blend beautifully with perennials, due to her rather upright growth, Apricot Nectar is best suited for the middle or back of the border. Disease resistance and cold hardiness are good, and flowers are put forth upon single stems and in sprays. Blooms hold up well on the shrub and as cut flowers.

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Top 10!

Love the sultry-sweet scent of a great rose? Have you ever wanted to know which ones smell the most delicious? Well, here are your top ten most fragrant roses according to the American Rose Society!

American Rose Society List of Ten Most Fragrant Roses:
(Listed in alphabetical order)
1. Aida - Medium Red
2. Captain Harry Stebbings - Deep Pink
3. Dublin - Medium Red
4. Folklore - Orange Blend
5. Fragrant Cloud - Orange Red
6. Limelight - Light Yellow
7. Miss All-American Beauty - Deep Pink
8. Mr. Lincoln - Dark Red
9. Royal Highness - Light Pink
10. Tiffany - Pink Blend